Our Education and Care Philosophy

Little Bright Explorers Early Learning Centre is a richly stimulating, innovative, safe, caring and respectful environment which fosters each child’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.  We acknowledge the individual nature of each child’s learning journey and support them to develop the skills and processes for lifelong learning and success.  Within this, we respect and nurture the diversity of each family and through personal and purposeful experience, aim to instil in each child a love of learning, one another, the environment and sense of self.

At Little Bright Explorers, our environments, interactions and program draw from a variety of early childhood theories and practices from around the world.  With emphasis on the educational approach of Reggio Emilia, Pikler Approach and RIE Philosophy, we act as an extension of home and provide an environment that supports children to feel loved, accepted and secure. Our centre is a place where children are encouraged to achieve their best socially, emotionally and academically, and we strongly believe that developing and maintaining positive relationships with children based on mutual respect, trust and understanding are paramount. As an early learning centre, we believe we have a moral and social obligation to children, their families and the greater community in ensuring children become responsible and active members of society.

As a community of learners, we respect and embrace the diversity of our children and families, and recognise their various linguistic, cultural, spiritual and intellectual differences as rich contributions to society. These attributes, along with children’s individual strengths, ideas, interests and abilities are the foundation of our program and practice.

Our reflective approach to planning allows the opportunity for both intentional teaching and spontaneous play based learning in a safe and secure environment, ensuring that children are successful, competent and capable learners who have a clear understanding of and connection between themselves, the community and the world around them. Little Bright Explorers provides learning opportunities that build upon each child’s strengths while challenging them to explore and reach their full potential. Caring for the environment is a priority at our centre and sustainable practices are embedded as we work toward developing an environmentally responsible community.

We view each child’s time spent at our service as an apprenticeship in humanity where differences are embraced and acceptance of others is always encouraged as the best choice. Offering support to challenge and succeed within the five outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework, critical reflection and careful planning allow each child’s interests, ideas and abilities to be responded to and scaffolded, supporting ongoing learning and development. We represent an educational vehicle, engrossing the children in projects and a learning system which allows them to be, question, examine, discover and enjoy the challenge of the experiences before them.

Our values include respect, compassion, community and integrity. With strong and collaborative relationships with families we aim to create a smooth and caring transition from home to the service and support each child and family to develop a strong sense of belonging within our centre. Parent participation is encouraged and educators will initiate working in partnership to optimise the learning and development of each child.

It is our belief that when the children, educators and families of Little Bright Explorers intertwine, it creates the unmistakable essence that is uniquely recognised as a ‘home away from home’.