~ Welcome to Little Bright Explorers ~

We are a small, privately owned, boutique early learning centre.  At Little Bright Explorers, our environments, interactions and program draw from a variety of early childhood theories and practices from around the world.  With emphasis on the educational approach of Reggio Emilia, Pikler Approach and RIE Philosophy, we act as an extension of home and provide an environment that supports children to feel loved, accepted and secure.  With experienced, professional and knowledgable staff we strive to provide the highest possible standard of education and care for families in our local community.

~ Home Away From Home ~

Learning through discovery

Through practices inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, R.I.E Philosophy and Pikler Approach, children are nurtured, respected and given the tools and support to steer through their own distinct paths of discovery.

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We’re About The Little People…

We’re a stand-alone centre

Our centre is family owned and has been thoughtfully designed and resourced to provide the best possible education and care for children. We have a flexible approach and aim to cater for the varying needs of families. We focus on developing loving,nurturing and respectful relationships with children and families from day one.

Qualified Educators

The educators at Little Bright Explorers are passionate about giving children the best possible start to life. They prioritise respectful and nurturing relationships, and support children to develop independence, self regulation and a sense of agency. We aim to inspire children to become responsible and active members of society.

Ongoing Support and involvement

At Little Bright Explorers the support that you get at the beginning continues the whole way through. We aim to provide a ‘home away from home’ for our children,families and educators, regularly hosting events and encouraging families to be involved as much or as little as they like. There’s no pressure, we understand how busy life can be.

The Power of Documentation

Documentation is a means to collect information on children’s interests, ideas, development and progression of learning. This can be in the form of observations, photography, video, conversation transcripts and/or visual mediums like paint, wire, clay or drawing materials. We purposefully gather, analyse, document and display children’s learning and progression of thinking.

Our Learning Environments

Nursery: 12 weeks to 18 months

Our Nursery room is designed for babies to move, explore and discover.  Natural lighting, thoughtfully displayed materials, and interesting manipulatives foster curiosity while promoting a calm ambience.  We are sensitive to your baby’s individual needs and do everything possible to re-create their daily routines for a happy, healthy baby. We provide high-quality care and our room limits to 8-10 babies a day.

Toddlers: 15 months to 2 years 6 months

Our Toddler Room is filled with natural light, a loving approach and inspiration for our children to grow and develop to their full potential.  Educators facilitate an atmosphere where toddlers are treated as capable individuals, whose opinions, actions, and thoughts are respected and valued.  The Reggio Emilia inspired project work facilitates curiosity, investigation, and discovery for each child.

Pre-Kindy & Kindy: 2 years 3 months to 5 years

We employ a Reggio-inspired, project-based approach to early childhood education. With supportive educators close at hand, there are lots of opportunities for children to work together to build their own and each other’s knowledge and skills. Educators deliver a balance of planned and emergent curriculum, developed from the interests, ideas, and questions of children. They are engaged in a variety of open-ended experiences which support the development of early literacy and numeracy, creativity and imagination, social and communication skills, emotional well being and respect for each other and the environment.



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